Tourega Balneum

For the third year in a row, Portugal held the Virtual Archaeology Symposium, this time in Évora after the successful experiences in Montemor-o-Novo and Alfarela de Jales. Besides the more traditional conference day, the Virtual Archaology Symposium held a Marathon where archaeology, history and virtualization experts produced a virtual reconstruction in just 3 days.

The event this year was organized by Évora’s Municipality, in partership with Montemor-o-Novo’s Municipality, and the object of the virtual archaeology marathon was the Balneum of the Roman villa of Tourega.

The idea behind the virtual archaeology marathon is to gather a team of experts behind the objective of bringing new attention to an archaeological site, with the help of 3D technology with the final goal of promoting its rehabilitation and conservation in the near future. Teamwork and knowledge sharing are the main pillars of this experience.

Besides the reconstruction of the site, in this year’s edition 3D photogrammetric scans and virtual reconstructions of the Tourega’s archaeological artefacts were added to the event.

The results of the 3rd Virtual Archaeology Marathon can be seen below:

Tourega’s 3rd phase infographic section .
The aduela construction system detail.
Hypocaustum detail.

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The virtual reconstruction team from the 3rd Virtual Archaeology Marathon:

Carlos Carpetudo (Cromeleque/Morbase)

Gustavo Silva Val-Flores (C.M.Évora)

João Ribeiro (Lab2PT/Archeo 3D)

Juan Diego Carmona (Arkeographos)

Marta Martinez (ESCRBC – Madrid)

Martino Correia (CEAACP – Coimbra)

Mónica Sanchez (ESCRBC – Madrid)

Patrícia Machado (Aouro)

Ricardo Dias (Empatia)

Sira Camacho (Cromeleque/Morbase)


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