A Color Scale that has changed the way archaeologists look at 3D Modelling

Virtual Archaeology and 3D representation of historical/archaeological sites is evolving into more scientific working methodologies. For this much is owed to César Figueiredo and Pablo Aparício Resco on the creation of a new tool: the Scale Depicting Historical/Archaeological Evidence, an adaptation from what was first proposed by the project Byzantium 1200.

The tool is also open for discussion on the Loomio platform, on what must be assumed as a new paradigm for archaeological scientific discussion driven and enabled by the social networks, as well as fully aware of the technological tools at our disposal that might benefit a public scientific knowledge – Archaeology 3.0. The scale is already on its second version and will surely continue to evolve into a more and more perfected tool for the archaeology professionals.

This scale offers a simple way for the archaeologist and the 3D illustrator to pointedly differentiate what is indeed imagination from what is not. Assuming that from the beginning of work publication is a step forward to clarify any doubts that our model might suggest and to make it more scientifically relevant.

This scale was applied to our Virtual Reconstruction of the Chapter Room of the Mosteiro de Sto. António de Lisboa, in Montemor-o-Novo,  for the Morbase project. We used three simple steps, which you can check below, to apply the Scale Depicting Historical/Archaeological Evidence to the 3D Chapter Room model.

Step 1 – Analyse our final 3D model.

Step 2 – Remove all the Textures.

Step 3 – Apply new simple textures using the color codes according to what is suggested in the Scale Depicting Historical/Archaeological Evidence.

The Scale Depicting Historical/Archaeological Evidence was also applied lately to the massive project Évora 3D, developed by Gustavo Silva Val-Flores and Miguel G., on what is surely one of its most interesting usages. Please check below.

The Scale Depicting Historical/Archaeological Evidence is available for download through the following link below:



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